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Oney hails from a small coastal village in rural Sumbawa where his local beach is home to some of Indonesia’s best and most challenging waves. This famous surf break, which was discovered by explorers in the eighties, delivers time and time again, and churns out some of the best and most powerful waves around.

Lakey Peak one of several surf destinations on the island of Sumbawa, which lies 150 kilometers off the east coast of Bali. It’s a small community that’s evolved from the discovery of great waves, where every youngster dreams of being a professional surfer. This famous reef break produces some of the hottest young surfers around including several of Oneys large and talented family.

In 2013, Oney visited Harapan Project sponsored schools near Lakey Peak to talk to children about the importance of learning English. Project Founder Carlos Ferrandiz thinks Oney is the best ambassador the non-profit could have.

The Harapan Project helps the community of Hu’u. This the region where Oney Anwar grew up. Harapan assists the most vulnerable and fragile people by covering the basic survival needs regarding nutrition and access to drinking water, by providing health care, education and basic infrastructure.

The Harapan Project cooperates with these communities in the development of their wellbeing and the promotion of peace and freedom, with a profound respect of their cultures, beliefs and customs. Currently, the Harapan Project is developing four specific projects such as English courses for the children.

They have provided supplies of school and learning material to the local schools and the local population. Including medication, clothes, toys and filters to purify the water of the rivers and convert it in drinking water.

When you buy CHASING THE DREAM you will automatically contribute to an NGO called Harapan Project Sumbawa, which provides education and health care. Harapan have been teaching many children for several years.